The first of our Northern Hemisphere oils have arrived straight from California and are now in stock at the store and Calgary Farmer’s Market. We received a few different oils in limited quantities, so try them before they’re gone!

Arbequina Olive Oil – Medium Intensity
Delicate and fruity, this California Arbequina contains notes of almond, artichoke and avocado. A creamy center gives way to a slightly pungent finish. Very little bitterness. Click here to read more.

Koroneiki Olive Oil – Medium Intensity
This very popular California Koroneiki displays green fruit and herbaceous notes of: pronounced green apple peel, cut grass and slight herb. More pungent than bitter, a solid Medium intensity pick! Click here to read more.

Leccino Olive Oil – Robust Intensity
Extremely spicy and herbal, with capsicum-like pungency, fennel and herbaceous green notes. Throat catching! Lingering bitterness and pungency! Click here to read more.

Frantoio Olive Oil – Robust Intensity
True to its Tuscan heritage, this green herbal and floral early harvest CA Frantoio is loaded with pepper and bold spicy characteristics. Scoring equals parts green fruit and pungency, it also contains ample bitterness. Click here to read more.