Currently on it’s way from California is a big shipment of NEW olive oils. We have 5 new Spanish Olive Oils coming, 3 new Portugese Olive Oils, and even a new Organic Californian Olive Oil! Read more about these great new olive oils, and click on the individual oil name for more information!

Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Oro Bailen Arbequina – from one of the most decorated producers in the world, this mild early harvest olive oil is fruity and herbaceous with very little bitterness. Extremely well balanced!

Melgarejo Arbequina – from another respected producer, this medium intensity olive oil is pungent with notes of avocado and green almond.

Melgarejo Hojiblanca – a fragrant and complex robust intensity olive oil, with sensory attributes of apple, stone fruit and cut grass.

Melgarejo Picual – a visually stunning, early harvest robust olive oil with notes of artichoke, green apple and cut grass and a lingering spicy finish.

Organic Picual – An early harvest, medium to robust intensity olive oil with notes of artichoke, tomato leaf and bitter endive. Fantastic lingering bitter finish!

Portugese Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Galega – the dominant olive variety in Portugal, this mild to medium intensity olive oil is currently the least bitter and pungent olive oil we carry!

Cobrancosa – this medium intensity olive oil is floral and complex, with creamy flavours and fruity berry notes.

Special Reserve (Miller’s Blend) – Comprised of Portugese Cornicabra, Picual, and Cobrancosa, this robust olive oil has unbelievable complexity and dimension.

Californian Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Organic Koroneiki – this certified organic, robust olive oil is slightly bitter with herbaceous notes.