We are now carrying a variety of Olive Oil Skin Care Products from The Olive Oil Skin Care Company based out of Australia – they use the same Extra Virgin Olive Oil in their products that we sell in the store!


Hand-made, 100% Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bar Soap – the soaps are rich in natural glycerine and natural Vitamin E and ideal for sensitive and problem skin. They have lower pH than commercial soaps, making them last significantly longer. The soaps improve the resilience of the skin over time and are also suitable for shaving and washing hair. They do not contain palm oil, sodium laurel sulphate (SLS), preservatives, colouring agents or additives of any kind.  We are currently carrying unscented soap, as well as a selection of soaps naturally scented with pure essential oils.

Pure Castile Body Wash:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is used exclusively as the base for this handmade body wash. The super thick formula generates a creamy low lather, leaving your skin feeling hydrated, silky and soft. Made with the same philosophy and natural properties as the hard bar soaps, it is perfect for all skin types and gentle enough for even a baby’s delicate skin.  We are currently carrying a selection of body washes naturally scented with pure essential oils.

Hair Care:

Rose Geranium Scented Shampoo – blended with Rose Geranium Essential Oil to provide a wonderful floral fragrance, the shampoo nourishes the skin and hair and creates a balance between oily and dry.

Rose Geranium Scented Conditioner – The fragranced Rose Geranium Conditioner complements the shampoo to result in smoother, softer hair and a moisturized and nourished scalp.

Shaving Cream:

The all natural shaving cream is gentle on the skin for those who prefer to avoid all additives. Produces a close, smooth shave whilst nourishing the skin and leaving a refreshing finish. Made with 100% Saponified Extra Virgin Olive Oil.