Our huge shipment of olive oil has arrived and we’re super excited to tell you we’ve got TONS of fresh Northern hemisphere olive oils in stock – Keep an eye out for them at the Farmer’s Market and at the store! We also have two exciting fused olive oils from Tunisia – Cayenne Chili Fused Olive Oil is back in stock and spicier than ever, and a new Green Lemon (Limonata) Fused Olive Oil – super citrusy!

New Spanish Olive Oils

  • Cornicabra Olive Oil: This rare Spanish variety, “Cornicabra” was Estate produced in the Old Monastery of El Bercial de San Rafeal in Toledo, Spain. It is floral and pungent with confectionary notes, and also displays herbal qualities.
  • Koroneiki Olive Oil: Our first ever Spanish Koroneiki! Displays green fruit characteristics: Green Banana, Green apple and a creamy bitter center.
  • Hojiblanca Olive Oil: Extremely fruity with sweet notes of stone fruit, green strawberry and green artichoke.
  • Manzanillo Olive Oil: Loaded with desirable lingering pepper, this high-phenolic Manzanillo has a fruity olive front with middle notes of creamy green almond.

New Californian Olive Oils

  • Arbequina Olive Oil: This creamy California Arbequina is delicate and sweet with notes of green almond and artichoke.
  • Mission Olive Oil: A huge nose displays green, grassy attributes. Flavors are layered with apple peel notes. Complex with a fleeting bitter center & pungent peppery finish.

New Portugese Olive Oils

  • Cobrancosa Olive Oil: Historically one of our most popular Northern Hemisphere EVOOS, the Portuguese Cobrançosa is viscous and complex. Layered with creamy flavors and green fruity undertones of green apple and almond.