Just last week we received a shipment of October and November harvest olive oils – some of them are barely a month old! Lots of really uncommon single varietals that may not come around again for another couple of years.

Check out the different ones we’ve got below – the Ascolano is already available at the main store and it is delightful!

Portugese Olive Oils:

Californian Olive Oils:

  • Sevillano: Displays unique notes of fresh, green herb. Clear olive notes are mixed with lots of floral & herbal notes. This olive variety produces low oil yields making it even more rare. Read more, click here!
  • Manzanillo: clean & pungent. It displays gradual but lingering capsicum-like sensations and notes of citrus blossom, citrus and green apple. Read more, click here!
  • Leccino: Extremely spicy and herbal, with capsicum-like pungency, fennel and herbaceous green notes. Read more, click here!
  • Kalamata: Extremely rare! Equal parts pungent & bitter, the oil possesses strong herbal qualities.Read more, click here!
  • Frantoio/Leccino: True to its Tuscan roots, this early harvest single estate blend is both herbal and floral. Loaded with pepper and spicy green notes. Read more, click here!
  • Arbequina: displays green fruit and herbaceous qualities with notes of green tea and fennel. More pungent than bitter, this oil is also creamy and viscous. Read more, click here!
  • Arbequina: Delicate and sweet with notes of green almond and artichoke. Low bitterness and pungency. Read more, click here!
  • Ascolano: A rare treat! Highly sought after Californian Ascolano displays notes of stone fruit, green banana and berry fruit. This is currently one of our most pungent oils with initial capsicum-like sensations! Peppery and throat catching. Read more, click here!